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Two Scots Travel is the BEST gem I have ever found on the Internet! Scott you have always offered the best price and the best service in all my last minute travels. It's always a pleasure calling you.


Thank you

Brenda Rogers


Hi Scott, 
Happy New Year !   Hope u had a pleasant holiday!  We got back from Argentina on Dec 27th and I just wanted to say thanks for the superb and excellent organization , we had such a great time and everything was perfect.  Iguazzu falls is the most beutiful place on this planet and I sure would want to go  back there ...... Rio was fantastic, the samba shows, the weather and people were just an added bonus ......Argentina and Tango was something else, the Food was basically made in Heaven, the steaks would melt in ur  mouth...... so basically to sum it up, It was the best trip ever and thanks to you for organizing it for us .......... U are the best !


We wanted to thank you for the work you did for our trip to CA.
We had a wonderful time and the travels went very smoothly.

The Holiday Inn provided us with a panoramic view of the fireworks from all over the city of San Fran.

It was awesome!

Thanks again,
we look forward to booking with you again soon.

Dave & April Uhrin


Hi Scott,

The trip was a success! We all had quite the adventure. Hotel Alimandi in Rome put us in the same room as 4 years ago. We did an early evening walking tour, attended mass at St. Peter's, went to Ostia Antica, went to museums and roamed around the markets. In Bologna, we did a parmesan cheese, prosciutto and balsamic vinegar tour. That was fun, but very expensive because we had to get a car and driver to drive around the countryside for those factories. We also did a walking tour in Bologna and climbed the tower that's open to the public.

In Venice, we finally did a gondola ride, attended mass at San Marco, did a walking tour (Russell was complaining at this point of walking tours). That weekend was the weekend of the Holy Redeemer festival. There were fireworks Sat evening, regattas and all sorts of boats out on the lagoon. Venice was just way too crowded that weekend and it had to do with the end of the plague festival. But the area where we stayed was very lovely. The hotel that we moved into (Hotel Giorgione) was very nice. And the early water taxi was on time and got us to the airport in 15 min. There was a 10-15 min walk to the airport from the harbor though, so overall 30 min. to the airport. If you have clients with early morning flights (630am) out of Venice, it's not necessary to be there 2 hours ahead as they don't even open the airline counters until 5am. So we pretty much hurried up and waited. We're very glad we took the plunge and went to Italy.

We enjoyed the food, wine, gelato and all the smelly Europeans! We're also very happy to be back home. Thanks for all your work. Perhaps we'll do Mexico next.

Take care!




Just got back last night, had a great time. The unit we got at Mauna Lani Point villas (E105)was awesome, the view from our ground floor lanai attached. Nicely furnished, relatively up-to-date,well stocked kitchen, A/C, walk out onto the grass, killer view from the living room.
Although it was a bit pricey, for what we got I felt it was a fair value and would definitely go again. Thanks again for your help.

For future reference, do you specialize in any other destinations besides Hawaii?



Hi Scott,

My wife and I just returned from a great trip to Cancun. Thanks for making the bookings at such a great price - you are the best! I have already passed your number on to my friends and will be utilizing your services in the future.

Thanks again! It was a pleasure doing business with you.


Mike Xavier

Jessica Luu


I just want to thank you for the fine trip Rosalyn and I had a couple of weeks ago. This was our first trip to Hawaii and we just had a wonderful time.

Thanks for everything.

Douglas Ferman


Just wanted to let you know we had a great trip on a great airline.  Like all airlines, the seats are tight but the service was great.  Who serves hot towels anymore, anyway?

I've given your name to several friends, acquaintances and family so I'm sure other Hawaii travels will drift your way through the year.  In fact, we will be traveling to the islands again for xmas/new year's. Thanks again for everything.

Kara Leong-Olkowski


Hi Scott,

Our wedding was absolutely beautiful!! All airline tickets and car rentals were flawless... 1st class was a real treat!

Thank you for taking care of everything and thank you so much for the beautiful basket that you sent to the house... that was incredibly thoughtful.

We'll be in touch for future travels!



Scott, Just wanted to say THANK YOU! My family says "thank you" also for all the compliments sent to their individual cabins! Ure sooo AWESOME!!! We all had a great time! Will post pictures up on FB soon! :)



Scott, I was just getting caught up on a bunch of things from my Italy trip and I realized that I never thanked you for your help with our travel plans. I appreciate the efforts you made and I look forward to using you again. I don’t have any major trips planned the next several weeks, but maybe some this summer. Just to confirm, I think you do all international travel but specialize in Hawaii and Mexico? Thanks again, you were a great help for our trip.



Hi Scott! Wedding and honeymoon were amazing!! Hawaii was more than we could have expected. We had such a great time and the weather was perfect. We did 2 diferent day excursions. (1 to pearl harbour and another around the island). Both wonderful! Thank you again for your help with everything and thanks to your mom as well. We look forward to booking more trips with you to go back to explore the other islands. Thanks for checkin in with us,

Jared and Jessica Soekland